Welcome to Sheila Head's Hawaiian Transport

Horses scheduled for shipment are brought to the shipping facilities at Sheila Head's Ranch in Valley Ford, California where they are held until loading. Late on Thursday afternoons each animal is carefully loaded into the custom built livestock containers. They are then transported by truck to the Port of Oakland which takes about an hour, depending upon traffic conditions. There they are loaded onto one of Matson Navigations Vessels and the trip to Hawaii begins.

The voyage from Oakland to Honolulu takes 4-6 days (depending on Matson Navigation's schedule). There is a livestock attendant with them throughout the entire trip. The stalls are cleaned and they are fed daily. Alfalfa pellets are the standard feed, but if something else is required please notify Sheila Head prior to shipping.

Health Papers Needed for the State of Hawaii

The following statements must be written on the Health Certificate by a Veterinarian: